About volfwood

Elegance, sustainability, the joy of surprise

The reasons for creating a jewelry and accessories brand were focused on several directions. Both see the beautiful things where we usually do not expect to see. Both give things a second chance at life. Both create from what is not usable for their primary function. Both practically bring upcycling opportunities and ideas directly to jewelry. Both provide an opportunity to surprise - loved ones and ourselves.

Wolfwood always tries to appreciate the time spent creating. That is why various materials are used to create jewelry, the value of which is precisely in their unusual story. The watch movements we use are from watches that have no reason to be repaired - the cases from which they are removed are so scratched or broken that watchmakers admit - it is not worth it. However, it seems to us that the minutes and hours the master devoted to creating the watch, whether it was working on a unique pocket watch more than 100 years ago or putting together certain watch models much closer to today, cannot be underestimated. For each such masterpiece, we give the opportunity to live again as an ornament. We also perceive other materials - typewriters, the mechanisms of which are so rusty that nothing will ever be written on them again. Or exactly the parts of wood that are not used for furniture - places near the branches, where the wood fibers are curved and the colors are very changeable; tree masks and growths where the fibers are intertwined; places where the sapwood passes into the wood of the wood core and there is a pronounced color transition; pieces of black oak and other trees were found by the sea. Similar to amber - in Latvia we rarely find large pieces of amber, so we try to find ways to offer jewelry with small "our sea" coastal amber.

Wolfwood jewelry and accessories have been created since about 2013, expanding and developing their range. Wolfwood has always strived to improve the quality of its work by allowing your favorite jewelry to be with you for as long as possible. Among the tungsten jewelry you will find both the necessary for the lovers of classic elegance, and you will be able to surprise the wearers of the unusual and surprising.